What is a Personal Learning Plan?

A Personal Learning Plan is an individualized document that establishes a set of learning goals and objectives for each student. PLPs help students value and engage in the learning process.

  • How do you use a Personal Learning Plan?
    • You use a PLP to identify your student’s strengths, challenges, interests and learning styles and then matches that profile to different resources and tools that can maximize the student’s learning potential. A PLP does not excuse a student from taking certain classes, but it identifies the support necessary to strengthen areas of weakness.
    • Does Henderson International School provide Personal Learning Plans?
    • Yes! Our teachers are trained to identify each student’s academic challenges and set goals that turn these challenges into strengths. The student, teacher and parents create strategies to reach academic goals.

Here are some of the ways Henderson International School’s PLP accelerates a child’s academic success.

    • Enrich the academic experience of every student
    • Guide curriculum delivery and instructional methods
    • Target and develop opportunities for individual student improvement
    • Maximize individual strengths and foster student potential
    • Facilitate a seamless transition from grade-to-grade and teacher-to-teacher
    • Identify clear and objective goals for each student
    • Ensure all students are challenged appropriately and learn to take responsibility for their own learning and growth


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