Project Zero, an educational research group at the Graduate School of Education at Harvard, has been working for years to improve education based on research. They have found that critical thinking is a core aspect of learning. Learning to think critically helps generate confidence within a person to evaluate, analyze and interpret any kind of information/event/circumstance more efficiently.

When helping your child learn, it is important to make thinking a more central part of your teaching. You can begin by identifying the types of thinking you want to promote, like making connections, looking at things from different perspectives, constructing explanations and interpretations, reasoning with evidence, wondering and asking questions, and forming conclusions.

Another way to teach critical thinking is to involve your child in a discussion or debate. Ask them what they think about any issue and then probe further, asking them to defend their opinion.

Critical thinking is highly valued at Henderson International School. Our core curriculum and its accompanying extra- and co-curricular activities equip every student with the fundamentals to succeed.

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