Last week, the students of The Henderson International School teamed up with Freed’s Bakery to create their own signature cupcake. This wasn’t just any cupcake, however. The cupcake that the students created would be sold at local favorite, Freed’s Bakery, with proceeds going to Helping Hands of Vegas Valley.

Established in 2000, Helping Hands of Vegas Valley is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with the mission to provide free, assistive services to senior citizens in Southern Nevada, allowing them to maintain their dignity and independence while improving health and daily living. Their services include: Transportation, food pantry and respite care vouchers.

After the students created their signature cupcake, they were presented for the first taste test on the Henderson International School campus. Max Jacobson-Fried, owner and cake taster at Freed’s Bakery, presented the students with their apple cinnamon cupcakes with caramel vanilla frosting.

After the unveiling came the presentation to the students followed by the initial taste tests.

We have a feeling that the students enjoyed their wonderful creations.

Freed’s Bakery, located at 9815 South Eastern Avenue¬†¬†Las Vegas, NV 89183, will be selling these cupcakes this month for $2.45 per cupcake or two dozen for $25.00. All proceeds from the sale of these cupcakes will go directly to Helping Hands of Vegas Valley. If you would like information from Freed’s, please contact them directly at (702) 456-7762.

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