Halloween is just around the corner and everyone’s excited for the fun. With just a few tips parents can make sure their child has the best time without worry. Visibility’s the name of the game this year, and we’ve put together a helpful list of safety tips to keep this Halloween season truly spook-tacular!

  1. Keep things visible when it comes to costumes. The Mayo Clinic and Safe Kids both agree that keeping things visible is the right way to go this Halloween season. With costumes, brightness counts! Whether it’s bright colors or adding some reflective tape, the easier it is for you to see your child the safer things will be.
  2. When it comes to accessories, limit sharp and opt for bright. Big, sharp objects at night can lead to obvious safety issues. This year, swap out your child’s sword or broomstick for a flashlight or some glow sticks. They can help your child see at night and they can help you keep an eye out as well!
  3. Opt for makeup instead of the mask. Masks are just one more thing that can clog up your child’s ability to see. This year, why not try using some simple makeup or face-paint? Makeup doesn’t move around, so your child will have complete visibility and the best chance to see all of their friends in costume! Visibility works both ways this year, so make sure your children can see you as well as you can see them!


Remember, Halloween is much more fun when you, the parents, don’t have to spend the whole night worrying about safety. Ghosts may be invisible, but your child shouldn’t be! Take advantage of these helpful tips and be prepared to have a truly ghoul-time!






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