How Does Your Child Learn?

November 20th, 2012

What is your learning style? Do you prefer to learn by listening? Do you need to see something done before you can do it? Maybe you need to be hands on before you can master a skill. The ways people learn is called a learning style, and as a parent it’s important to know your learning style and your child’s too!


There’s auditory learners, who learn best by hearing things. These individuals retain information that they’re told or sometimes need to speak new information out loud. Children who learn like this may need background music to help them study, or they might be distracted by additional noise and can only study in a quiet room.


There’s visual learners, who can read, look at diagrams, or simply see an example and they can pick up a new skill. Kids who learn in this manner will take a lot of information from pictures and charts, but will probably lose interest when someone tries to explain something using only their words.


There’s kinesthetic learners, who learn through action. These learners must go through the motions to retain a new skill, and can often pick things up if they write down notes as they try something new.


As an adult you’ve probably picked up on this already; you take notes in your own way or you have to speak things out loud so they’ll stick. Once you have identified your learning style, try to identify your child’s learning style too! You want to make sure that your child is learning optimally, and identifying how your child learns makes you better prepared to help them be expert learners.


A study by Brown University found that in many cases learning styles are hereditary. If you and your child learn the same way, you’ll be even better prepared to help them excel in school by passing along some tips you learned to be a stellar student!


Start learning about learning styles, and better equip yourself to help your child in all the ways you try to do every day. And don’t worry if you struggle at first trying to get used to different learning styles; it is a learning process after all!




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