Every year Mothers’ Day happens in May, and Fathers’ Day occurs a few weeks later in June. But what about good ole’ Grandma and Grandpa? They look after the kids when parents need a night off, they make sure their grandkids are spoiled and happy, and more often than not they’re the unsung heroes of the extended family. Well, at the Henderson International School the ever-important (and sometimes forgotten) Grandparents Day took place just before the Thanksgiving holiday as a special way to honor the parents of the parents of the school’s talented students!


On Wednesday, November 21, grandparents from far and wide arrived at the school for an early continental breakfast. All grandparents were invited to attend, and the response was tremendous. The meal featured pastries, fruits, assorted yogurts and much more, and was well received by the group.

Following breakfast, attendees were treated to a tour of the school, where they were able to visit their grandchildren’s classrooms, take a look at the massive sports complex and even visit an art exhibit featuring work created by some of the school’s students. This last opportunity featured a variety of creative pieces, and beaming looks from proud grandparents could be seen in every direction. Whether it was an appreciation for budding artists or the admiration of future generations, the positive vibes throughout the crowd were apparent and set the mood for an enjoyable morning.

The event capped off with a musical performance featuring many of the schools’ students. A group of gifted violin players brought beautiful music to the stage, and set the mood for a variety of solo and group performances that followed. Applause rang throughout the building as performances began and ended, and everyone in attendance adamantly demonstrated their appreciation for the hard work this group of young people put into the Grandparents Day performances.


As quickly as it began, noon soon arrived and the event came to a close. As a special treat for Grandparents Day and Thanksgiving, all students were dismissed early for their turkey-loving holiday, and the school slowly emptied of its enthusiastic inhabitants. Overall the event was well received, and paved the way for what was sure to be an enjoyable holiday for all.

Everyone at the Henderson International School sincerely hopes all attendees had a truly memorable time. We can’t wait for next year!

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