Winter Band Performances

December 17th, 2012

Band students from The Henderson International School spent an exciting week performing holiday classics and enjoyable tunes at a series of concerts, celebrating the holiday season. The shows featured the hard work of many fourth through eighth graders as they excelled beyond their earlier musical lessons. The events featured several memorable tunes, as well as a variety of excellent ensembles and stupendous solos. Family, friends and many members of the school’s staff attended the performances, enjoying the festivities and the hard work of the performers.

As you probably know, all students in first through third grade participate in the school’s string program, where they learn to play violin, as well as basic musicianship including how to read music and follow a conductor. Students in fourth through eighth grade are then given the opportunity to select a variety of other fine arts programs, including musical theatre, additional string instruments, or, as last week’s performers have done, a band instrument.

Band instruments include woodwinds, such as clarinets, flutes and saxophones, brass instruments, including the trumpet and the trombone, and percussion instruments, sometimes referred to as “the drums”. Students who elect to learn these instruments gain additional musicianship skills as they harness their abilities and progress through the world of knowledge that music has to offer.

The fourth through eighth grade band programs are under the direction of director Nick Stamanis. He has been in the education field for over 25 years, and of music he “[enjoys] watching young students discover their talents and gifts…”

In addition to the on-campus performances, Fine Arts programs from the school also performed at two Senior Citizen Centers throughout the week, bringing smiles to many adults as students demonstrated their skills and the values instilled in them at The Henderson International School.

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