Santa’s Chistmas Eve

December 21st, 2012

It’s just about time for Santa to hop down your chimney and deliver presents to your children. But what exactly should you, the parents, do to prepare for his visit? You have baked goods and milk sitting by the fire, stockings ready to be stuffed with presents galore, and at least one child that needs to be in bed before Jolly Old Saint Nick can arrive. You’re pretty much ready to go, but just in case we’ve put together a few holiday tips to help you prepare for Santa’s arrival.

To get the night started, feel free to track Santa online! The North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) provides a free, annual tracker, showing Santa’s location around the world. You and your family can take a look on December 24th by going to here. When Santa starts to approach your house, it’s time to put the kids to sleep. As they said in A Christmas Story, “I hope Santa hasn’t had to pass up this house just because some boys weren’t in bed when he came by.”

Of course you don’t just have to watch Santa on a radar when there’s plenty to do to prepare! Traditionally, Santa prefers cookies and milk when he arrives. But as many parents know, next week is New Years, and it’s generally filled with plans of losing weight and getting healthy! We suspect Santa has the same ideas on his 2013 agenda, so why not get him started early by offering vegetable sticks, like carrots and celery, instead? Cookies aren’t healthy for reindeer to eat anyways, and now Santa can share with Donner, Prancer and the gang, and parents have a light snack to help them get through the long evening, if they choose to stay awake.

Finally, why not get the night started by celebrating with your favorite Christmas Eve traditions? Many families sit around in pajamas singing songs or watching old Christmas movies, while others will each open one gift. You can spend the night preparing a fancy feast for the next day, or even wrapping last minutes presents together. Whatever you do, make it fun for everyone! Just don’t stay up too late….for some reason parents never seem to get enough sleep on Christmas Eve.

And that’s about it. To get your family in the holiday mood, why not take a look here, where students of The Henderson International School talk about what they would say if they could talk to Santa.

From everyone on our team, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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