New Year’s resolutions are commitments of change that coincide with the New Year. In 2013 you can help your children kick off their New Year with change and growth by helping them set their own resolutions! Even if your kids are too young to fully grasp what a resolution is, helping your children become healthier, overcome obstacles and achieve success is going to put them on the right path for appreciating the renewing spirit that comes with Jan. 1.

Get started by setting a few goals for your children yourself. If they’re inside playing video games too much, think about getting them involved with team sports or going to the park more often. If they’re at the age where they can be more responsible around the house, think of a few chores that they can do. Think about how your children are going to become the types of young adults you want them to be, and put them on the path to success.

Next, talk to your kids about resolutions. Let them know that the New Year is coming and that they should set goals for that year. See if they have any ideas, like getting better grades in school or being nicer to siblings. From there you can easily combine your ideas from above into a few actionable items that your kids can do every day, week, or month, that will help them achieve their goals.

Finally, make it a family activity by getting involved with your kids’ resolutions. If they’re going to spend one night a week learning a new subject in school, plan to spend it with them helping them learn. If they’re going to be doing the dishes after dinner, let them know how you’ll be cleaning up too, so they can really see how they’re involved in the whole process. Whatever you do, make sure your kids know that you are there to support them along the way!

Take a look at some of the New Year’s resolutions that students from Henderson International have planned for 2013 in this video. Have a happy and safe New Year’s Day. We’ll see you in 2013!


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