We all took physical education (aka P.E.) in school. Sometimes we loved it, and sometimes we had to drag ourselves to class.  We played mindless games and occasionally broke a sweat, and for most of us that’s all we remember about P.E. But at The Henderson International School the path of learning is a little bit different than the norm, and P.E. is no different.

This different approach to P.E. is personified in P.E. Instructor Ricardo Baldizan, known around school as ‘Coach B’. Along with two other colleagues, Coach B instructs P.E. classes every day, working with almost every student at the school. Pre-school students attend a few times per week, and all kindergarten through 8th grade students meet with Coach B once per day.

Coach B focuses his classes toward developing new skills to help students stay healthy, get moving and learn about sportsmanship. Every day he comes up with new activities and skills that he wants to develop, and finds a way to incorporate them into the day’s lessons. He’s also sure to adjust things to the skill level of each age group, so everyone can participate.“Daily classes are great, because I get to really know the kids,” said Coach B.

When classes are playing volleyball, for example, upper classes will jump right into the game. Younger students though, who might not be able to hit the ball over the net quite yet, use softer balls and learn the basics of the game, so when they’re older they can jump right in too! The whole focus is on teaching real games, real sports, and real skills that get kids to enjoy their time and become better at moving.

Coach B has also found that kids who learn to love sports from the beginning get more involved as they get older. At Henderson International, team sports are offered for students in 5th through 8th grade. Coach B is in charge of the soccer program, and has seen many students go through the ranks to eventually play for his team. His biggest focus with this is to take the lessons they’ve already learned and apply them to good sportsmanship, the next step in the process.

“It’s about how they do – not how somebody else does,” said Coach B.

This focus on teaching his students how to personally be better, rather than worrying about beating other teams, exhibits the summation of his teaching goals. Coach B prides himself in these lessons, teaching hundreds of students over the years, including five granddaughters who have all attended Henderson International.  He wants his students to become better at everything they do, and starting from their first day in his class to their final days at Henderson International, they learn the fundamentals necessary to be successful in all of their achievements.

With all of these lessons, skills and accomplishments, it’s no wonder that the efforts of Coach B and the rest of the P.E. instructors have been considered by many to be the key that really puts the ‘Education’ into ‘Physical Education’!

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