The Impact of Art in School

January 29th, 2013

Math, science, reading…they’re all fundamentals every school teaches and every child should know. But what about art? It’s been described as a passive course that doesn’t really serve a purpose (unless your child wants to be an artist), and in many schools throughout the country art isn’t even taught anymore. But is that really true? Is there no value in art? We did some digging to find out, and our findings suggest quite the opposite!

Art teaches students many things that traditional book learning can’t quite grasp. Students are too often taught that there is only one way to do things, but in art, children are instead taught how to find their own solutions. The creative thinking that comes with art in schools gets kids’ minds thinking outside of the box, which increases grades and learning ability. And planning a little bit into the future, “thinking outside of the box” is one of the top traits that employers look for when hiring.

Art also helps children appreciate where they are from and what they know. The pressures of being a kid and fitting in are hard enough, but many sources say that children show their true colors (no pun intended) when they create art. Art is about expressing one’s self, and when children create art, they are creating the things that they want to create, using their backgrounds and experiences as inspiration.

Finally, art helps students flex their own creativity. The brain works best when it is able to be free and open, and art allows just that. This is especially important in young, developing minds, which are constantly shaping the type of people that children will become. Children who get to be truly creative, exploring their imaginations and turning their thoughts into real things, have a greater advantage in the world than those bound only to what they have been told.

So there you have it. Some people may not think of art as a “fundamental,” but there’s definitely evidence that art makes learning the fundamentals, and a whole lot more, a lot easier. Better learners grow into better people, and all of the evidence suggests that art is a key ingredient in that recipe!

Of course, art is a loose term. If you noticed, we never actually said what kind of art we were talking about. Creating visual pieces, creating music, acting, singing, dancing….all of these “arts” continue to show the same results as whatever you may have been thinking. A few blog posts ago we mentioned that there are many different types of learners, and each of those learners is going to gravitate toward a different type of art. So promote creativity, and art, and enjoyment, because your kids are ready to step up and become incredible learners and incredible lovers of art!


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