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You may remember us talking about the TerraCycle program in a blog post back in November. For those not in the know, the TerraCycle program is a recycling program taking place at Henderson International School thanks to math teacher Tara Perez. Since we posted that blog post, the program has continued to pick up steam, attracting interest from students, parents, and even 8 News Now! Earlier this month, Channel 8’s Cale Ramaker came out to the school to learn more about the program (we have the video below).

Channel 8 not only showed some attention to this awesome program – they also entered the Henderson International School into their monthly “What’s Cool in School” voting. Each month, Channel 8 highlights several different schools doing amazing things, like the TerraCycle program here at HIS. Viewers vote on the weekly segment, and at the end of the month everyone gets to vote one more time. The winning school receives $250 for their program.

For anyone curious, that final week of voting is NOW! If you’d like to vote for HIS, just head on over to and be sure to select the Henderson International School’s TerraCycle program. We’ll keep you posted on the results!

Learn more about the program from the 8 News Now segment:



Spring Break!

March 19th, 2013

While we probably don’t need to say it, Spring Break is near and we hope that you’re ready! It’s been on the minds of all of our students, and of course some parents too. We did some digging and took a look at some of the hottest destinations for Spring Break for families of all sizes!

The weather’s heating up, and now is the perfect time to get the family swim-ready for the summer. Destinations including Southern California, Hawaii or even the Bahamas are expected to be popular over the next few weeks for families, as kids relearn some of their water skills. Families on these journeys often enjoy swim lessons, snorkeling, and relaxing adventures on the beach.

Of course Spring also means a last minute trip to the snow as we say goodbye to winter sports for a few months. Destinations like Colorado, Northern California and even Canada are expected to be popular, as families give their winter sport skills one last go before the heat kicks in.

Finally there are plenty of families staying close to home this Spring Break. If home means Nevada, this gives you a ton of amazing outdoor exploration opportunities. Hiking in Red Rock Canyon, exploring Mount Charleston or playing on the amazing rock formations at Valley of Fire means a whole world of outdoor fun right in the backyard of Henderson International. Spring Break doesn’t mean you have to travel far to have fun, and Southern Nevada is a prime example of that!

Whether you’re staying in town or heading far and wide, we hope your Spring Break is the best it can possibly be! Remember, Henderson International is closed the entire week of the March 25th. We’ll see you back in school on April 1!



King and Princess Dance

March 12th, 2013

At the Henderson International School, we know that life can get hectic. Spending quality time with your kids, our students, is often worth more than all of the gifts and gadgets in the world. This is especially true between fathers and daughters – these relationships often form the basis for lifelong self-esteem.

For this reason, the Henderson International School proudly hosted its annual Daddy Daughter Dance this past Friday, March 8th. Dubbed the ‘King and Princess Dance,’ the event went from 6pm to 9pm in Henderson Hall on the campus of the school. The dance featured food fit for both Kings and Princesses, including punch, water and a chocolate fountain for dessert!

From the dance floor to the decorated ceiling, proud fathers, grandfathers and father figures could be seen proudly escorting their daughter-dates to an unforgettable evening. Beaming smiles could be seen from all attendees, and whether it was little girls enjoying time with their favorite kings or awesome dads enjoying a Friday night with their princesses, the night was marked with music, fun and the types of memories that highlight the important relationships we mentioned earlier.

If you weren’t able to join us, be sure to make it to next year’s Daddy Daughter Dance. We’re just as excited as you are!

More than 400 million individuals speak Spanish as their native language. Considering that’s a pretty big chunk of the world’s 7 billion people, it’s important for everyone to learn as much as they can. If communication is key, then Spanish might be one of the doors. For this reason, every student at the Henderson International School gets a healthy lesson in this popular language. And if these students are in the 1st through 4th grade, then they’re probably seeing Spanish teacher Anthony Beswick a few times a week.

Beswick is a teacher who loves to teach. After realizing the 9 to 5 office world wasn’t for him, he decided to follow in his mother’s footsteps and became a teacher. The only problem – he wasn’t sure what to teach! Fortunately, he had lived in Spain in college and truly loved Spanish, and put those interests together to become a Spanish teacher. He started out in upstate New York, and when he reached the point of no longer wanting to see snow he decided to move to Las Vegas!

At Henderson International, Beswick teaches all 1st through 4th grade students, as well as the basketball players at Findlay Prep. He sees students two-days per week for half an hour each. By the time students complete the 8th grade they’re speaking a lot of Spanish, and Beswick’s goal with younger students is to get them familiar with the vocabulary and basic sentences so they can be ready for the next step.

The question of “why can’t everyone speak English” comes up a lot, defining Beswick’s most important goal: for students to understand that their language is not the only language spoken in the world. The world is bigger than just Henderson, and opening them up to that world is on his task list.

Having traveled throughout his life, Spanish speaking cultures are a passion for Beswick. He lived in Spain for a long semester in college, and has traveled to several other countries as well. This appreciation for world travel highlights his experience with the language, and also demonstrates the types of experiences that he seeks to pass along in his lessons. Students learn about the world while learning Spanish in Beswick’s classes.

Spanish is just a portion of Beswick’s involvement with the school. He also coaches the 5th and 6th grade soccer and basketball teams. The basketball season started just a few weeks ago, and goes through April. Soccer starts in early November and runs right up to holiday break; Beswick’s most recent team won the championship this past season!

Whether it’s teaching the importance of Spanish, coaching one of the school’s teams or interacting with the other faculty members, Beswick loves being a part of the family at Henderson International. “It feels like home,” he says. “The staff, parents, kids – everyone’s wonderful, and the teachers work really well together.”



Interview with Anthony Beswick