Did you have pets growing up? Did you play with them outside, or were you trapped inside playing video games? Now the tricky question – do your kids have any pets?

Pets are a major benefit with a child’s development. Whether it’s running around with a puppy or tossing a toy to a cat, pets provide HIS PETcompanionship, a special bond and even some social and health benefits too!

Kids who have pets are more likely to go for walks and play outside. They’re also more likely to give hugs. Pets encourage kids to get out of the house to play, discouraging sedentary indoor activities and stimulating their creativity and imagination.

Pets also tend to be considered a member of the family, helping children develop a sense of empathy and responsibility. If you consider your pet to be a member of the family, the pet probably thinks so too, strengthening that important bond. Beyond that, recent studies have found that children who have difficulties reading can become more confident readers by reading out loud to a pet. It’s even a great project to take a trip to the library and find out more about the proper care and suggested activities for their beloved fuzzy friends.

Pets are also a lot of fun!

To celebrate pets and build more great childhood memories, the Henderson International School is hosting Pet Day on Friday, April 19 for all first through seventh graders from 8 to 9 a.m., and registration to bring pets to school on Pet Day is well underway! If you’ve not signed up yet, please click here and turn your form in to the front desk ASAP! Remember, registration forms for Pet Day are due by Monday, 4/15!!

If you have any questions about Pet Day, please contact Cissy Brooks (cissy.brooks@hendersonschool.com or 702.818.2173) or Chris Adsit (chris.adsit@hendersonschool.com or 702.818.2150) with more questions!

We can’t wait to meet your pets!






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