We can all look back and connect significant songs to the most memorable moments of our lives, whether it’s the song that was playing in our favorite movies, at our prom or our wedding. Music becomes part of our souls, enriches the world and communicates the indescribable. HIS Kids MusicAdditionally, studies show that music helps us learn better, developing our creativity and increasing our scholastic aptitude.

The Henderson International School has long recognized the connection between musical engagement and student success. All students in the first through third grades receive violin instruction. Students in grades four through eight learn additional string or band instruments. Our students learn the value of teamwork and accomplishment of goals, in addition to technique, musicianship and a love of learning.

Want to do better on tests? Studies show that kids who play musical instruments do better on standardized assessments, are more capable of ‘thinking outside the box’ and tend to exhibit higher levels of synaptic activity than those who don’t play music.

Want to improve those math skills? Researchers have found that teaching math in conjunction with music increases aptitude. Both subjects use numbers, repeating patterns and ratios. Perhaps this is why famous basketball player Kareem Abdul Jabbar said, “Music rhythms are mathematical patterns. When you hear a song and your body starts moving with it, your body is doing math.“

This past weekend, students from all grades showcased their talent at our Annual Violin Solo Festival. Students performed various solo pieces for judges, friends and family, demonstrating their musical talents. Everyone at HIS would like to congratulate all of the performers!






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