The Trial of the Century

May 14th, 2013

One may think of any number of trials that may qualify as the Trial of the Century. Do you think of the Scopes trial? O.J. Simpson? Jodi Arias?

Actually, the trial in question is the State v. Alexander Wolf. You may be unaware that the familiar fairy tale didn’t end the way we’ve always thought.HIS Mock Trials Group Photo 5-10-2013 In fact, the story continues with legal proceedings charging the accused Wolf with the murder of the Three Little Pigs. A. Wolf’s legal defense formulated an argument to convince the jury that Wolf is not guilty. Meanwhile, the pigs and other witnesses testified to the events surrounding and leading up to the crime in question. A jury of Wolf’s peers assessed the evidence presented to determine a verdict. On Friday, May 10, fourth grade students at the Henderson International School enacted a mock trial with the full court proceedings involved in trying an individual accused of murder.

This may sound like a storybook version of Law & Order. In some ways it is. Each year, the Henderson International School works in coordination with Judge Susan Johnson at the Regional Justice Center to provide hands-on courtroom experience. This is an excellent exercise teaching about the judicial process, allowing fourth grade students the opportunity to participate in a mock trial and work in an actual courtroom. The mock trial is part of an effort by the Eighth Judicial District Court in Courtroom 15D to raise awareness about the court system. It’s a great learning experience illustrating how the court system works, how to interact in the courtroom and the functionality of the third branch of government.

The verdict? The jury found the defendant, the Big Bad Wolf, guilty of murdering the Three Little Pigs. Will there be an appeal? We’ll have to wait until next year to find out.

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