Independence Day

July 3rd, 2013

We probably all know about the significance of the 4th of July.  It’s the day that our Founding Fathers adopted the Declaration of Independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain.  Nowadays, we celebrate with BBQs and going to the lake, enjoying time with our families and friends.   Of courseflag-fireworks fireworks and parades are a big part of the celebrations.

The first celebration of the 4th of July occurred in 1777 when thirteen gunshots were fired in salute, once in the morning and once again in the evening in Bristol, Rhode Island.  Philadelphia celebrated the first modern American 4th of July that we all would find familiar: an official dinner for the Continental Congress, speeches, prayers, music, parades and fireworks.  Ships were decked with red, white and blue.

In 1781, the Massachusetts General Court became the first state legislature to recognize July 4 as a state celebration and it wasn’t until 1791 that we can find the first recorded use of the name “Independence Day.”  In 1820, the first 4th of July celebration was held in Eastport, Maine which remains the largest celebration in the state.

Fast forward to 2013, we are celebrating 237 years as a nation. Continuing the same traditions that Philadelphia first created to celebrate the 4th, with speeches, prayers, music, parades, and most important of all fireworks. Let’s take the time to appreciate the sacrifices our forefathers made, which enjoying the freedoms we are afforded.

Enjoy your summer!

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