Summer Activities

July 9th, 2013

Summer time is fantastic, but sometimes it’s hard to find fun things to do with all of that free time. Here are some ideas to keep your kids

Take your kids to the local playground and help them to make new friends. It is always great for a child’s development to have continuous social contact, especially when school is not in session. Not to mention the social aspect for you, the parents, to be able to socialize and mingle with neighbors in your community.

Get involved with playing ball games, but consider trying something new and different. Have your kids ever played racquetball or badminton? How about lacrosse? Step outside the box and learn something new. You never know what your child will take interest in and that interest could last throughout their high school and college careers.

Take an afternoon and play a few rounds of mini-golf, or have a weekend party at a local laser-tag facility. Having a laser tag party is definitely a great way to spend a hot afternoon indoors. Throughout the summer it’s always great to have get-togethers with your children’s friends and families, and being able to have a varied list of activities to go to will always keep your child busy and excited.

On a hot weekend, you can also take the family out to the brand new water park for a splash-filled day! We live in a very hot community, and water parks are a great place for families and friends to go out for an entire day to enjoy the cool water while escaping the heat. Once you start going, this will definitely be one of your child’s favorite places this summer!

Whatever you do, try to make it fun for everyone! Summer is a great time to try new things and move outside of your comfort zone.




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