Helping out in one’s community builds a sense of pride and increases character. Community service increases moral fiber, makes communities better and opens up a world of new experiences for students. It’s something we instill in our students every day, making them more engaged global citizens. But in the summer DSC_0086months and without school, often the importance of community service goes away, lost among a sea of video games, vacations and massive amounts of sleep.

Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean the importance of community service goes away. Volunteering at a young age sets life-long paths for students, and there are many great opportunities for community service for kids, even during the summer.

Kids can look into volunteer opportunities with organizations that are close to them. Are your children into pets? Take a look for a rescue shelter in the area that may need some help feeding animals. Or do your children like cooking? Or making things with their hands? There are places where they can go to do these things, from youth-centers to home building projects. And no matter how big or little your children are, organizations like these will be sure to find a great place for them to help!

If your children aren’t sure where to start, maybe there’s an organization that you know of or already volunteer for. Give them a call and see if your kids can join.

Of course there are other ways your kids can help in their community without even going far from home. Many kids will spend their summer mowing lawns, washing their neighbors’ cars or even setting up a lemonade stand to beat the hot summer heat. You can get your kids excited about helping their community by talking to them about how making donations to their favorite charities can make a huge difference in many lives.

However you and your kids decide to help, participating in their community will show kids how everything they do is all part of the bigger picture. Start thinking of some fun ways your kids can get involved and keep the spirit alive, even when they’re not in school!

Keep enjoying your summer!



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