The summer’s over!  It has gone way too fast.  Now’s the time to return to school and it’s important to be prepared.  You and your child will need to gather the usual school supplies of paper, pencils and protractors but here are a couple suggestions for supplies that you may not have thought _M1G5699about.

  • Aluminum water bottle – encourages water consumption and environmental awareness by avoiding plastic bottles
  • Backpack on wheels – helps your child navigate their day more easily and avoids back strain
  • Pedometer – makes walking and being active more fun by measuring your child’s steps
  • Bento lunchbox – separates different foods into compartments
  • Hand sanitizer – avoid illness by keeping hands and desks clean

Not only is it very important to have the right supplies, great nutrition is also vital to a great education.  Start the day off right with a healthy breakfast of high fiber grains and lean proteins.  Also make sure that you pack a well-balanced lunch to maintain your child’s good energy and focused attention.  Try mixing up the usual sandwich fare by using pita bread, tortilla and incorporating different ingredients, such as shaved turkey, cucumbers and hummus.  For side items, try baby carrots and edamame instead of chips.  These tasty and fun alternatives will keep your child’s interest and palate engaged.

Here’s to another fantastic school year – let’s make it the best yet!


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