Travel: Offering the Best Life Lessons for Our Children

As parents, the idea of our children taking trips anywhere can be scary and stressful. However, traveling at a young age can teach our children some of the most valuable skills that will benefit them in the future. These top five skills allow our children to grow into independent individuals with the confidence to make knowledgeable decisions throughout their lives:

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1. Resourcefulness: Problems always arise while traveling, but if our children can recognize a problem and seek out different resources to solve the problem, they will have a more positive outcome. Learning to deal with difficult situations like geographic changes, language barriers and transportation complexities can help anyone grow into a resourceful adult.

2. Curiosity: The human tendency toward learning and curiosity is one of the characteristics that drives our need to experience new sights, smells and opportunities. Traveling encourages curiosity which in turn gives individuals new, exciting learning scenarios.

3. Adaptability: In a rapidly changing world, the ability to adapt to constant change is imperative for success. Traveling is one of the best situations to learn this life skill. Familiarity is not a guarantee when traveling; it encourages people to rethink and adapt to new surroundings.

4. Self-Confidence: The one life skill that sets people apart from ordinary and extraordinary. Individuals who have self-confidence are satisfied in who they are and what their abilities are. Traveling, learning about new places and cultures leads to confident young adults with high self-esteem.

5. Critical Thinking: Travel exposes children to new ways of living and thinking and enables them to think differently about different ways of life. Travel educates and inspires children to make knowledgeable decisions about their beliefs: lifestyles, politics religion, etc.

This Thursday, Oct. 10, the 4th grade class will be traveling to Northern Nevada to visit Carson City and Virginia City. Every child should have the opportunity to learn about their state’s history, and Carson City is the perfect place for our students to do so. The Nevada state capitol offers hands-on tours to children to learn about Nevada history, Native American history, and Nevada’s nature and fossils. Virginia City is a great town for children to learn about the Victorian era, the Old West, early 19th century living and the mining lifestyle that once made Nevada an extremely popular West Coast destination.

Be sure to talk to your children when they return from the fun-filled trip to learn some Nevada history for yourself!


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