Every year, Meritas students from around the world join together to partake in the Meritas Academic Olympiad. Middle school students compete in math, spelling, music, chess, speech and geography.  The academic competition celebrates the brainpower, determination and hard work of all the “mental athletes.”  Each week Henderson International students meet with dedicated teachers for Prep Bowl Fridays to practice and prepare for competition day, coming this April.

A big thank you goes out to these teachers for all their time and support:

  • Tara Cadena, Meritas Academic Olympiad
  • Jillian Pizzuto, Performance Fine Arts
  • Joe Petrelli, History
  • Donna Raucher, English
  • Nick Stamanis, Music Fine Arts

These students are participating in the Meritas Academic Olympiad for the second year:

  • Bobby, grade 8, competing in Chess
  • Mia, grade 8, competing in Math
  • Sheen, grade 7, competing in Spelling
  • Jordyn, grade 7, competing in Music

It will be the first time attending the Olympiad for these students:

  • Tommi, grade 8, competing in Declamation
  • Noale, grade 8 competing in Oration
  • Angelu, grade 8, competing in Geography

From the staff, teachers, parents and all the supporters of Henderson International School, we wish our students the best of luck as they continue to train for this elite event!


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