Last month, our fourth grade class took a field trip to Carson City and Virginia City where they had the opportunity to learn about Nevada’s history. They visited the Capitol Building, the Governor’s Mansion, and the historic Virginia City Cemetery, among others.

The students really enjoyed themselves. A poll taken from all 18 students after the trip showed that the Virginia City cemetery was their favorite! “The cemetery had great stories and the tour guide was very enthusiastic!” said one student. Next in the running was the School House, followed by the Supreme Court building and the Capitol Building.

Lexi, a student who took part in the trip, learned that the Nevada Supreme Court has seven judges who all have their own offices and wear robes. Another student, Mason, learned that people can make an appeal with the Supreme Court to determine if someone is guilty or not. Students also learned that there is a time limit for how long each justice can speak, and they cannot be the judge on a case for someone they know.

Hunter, another Carson City trip student, was very observant of the Capitol Building. He noticed the pictures of all previous Governors of Nevada, and even the picture of Abraham Lincoln, who was president when Nevada became a state. He also noted that the building was decorated with plants and minerals that are native to Nevada.

Henderson International School takes pride in providing our students with travel and learning opportunities outside of the classroom. Travel enhances children’s curiosity and encourages self-confidence, critical thinking, adaptability and resourcefulness. The Carson City trip proved to fulfill that mission, providing these students with valuable and memorable lessons.

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