December 19th, 2013

Our bright morning of learning at Henderson International School was a great success! On Dec. 6, our new enrollment open house for pre-school and kindergarten classes invited parents and potential students for a day of developmental activities for children ages 2-4. Craft activities included a donut snowman, snowflake paint collage, sponge snow, tissue paper snowman and homemade play dough. The activities were fun and engaging for the children and showcased how we incorporate visual, tactile and sensory learning into everyday activities at Henderson International School.


Donut Snowman Snack – Tactile learning

Assemble as shown in video Materials: One large powdered donut, one mini powdered donut, one powdered donut hole, two pretzel sticks, one fruit roll-up (8 inch piece cut along the middle in a zigzag pattern) and one Hershey kiss

Watch the Winter Wonderland Video here:

Snowflake Paint Collage – Visual learning

Dip bottle brush tip in paint and press snowflake shapes on dark paper. Materials: dark construction paper, white paint, sponge bottle brush

Sponge Snow – Sensory learning

Spray the snow with water to allow kids to feel the difference in texture. They can also fill buckets of “snow” using sand shovels to improve gross motor skills. Materials: small white sponge pieces, water spray bottle, sandbox pail and shovel

 Tissue Paper Snowman – Sensory learning

Crunch up tissue paper to create eyes, buttons and corn cob pipe. This stimulates auditory and gross motor skills. Materials: Two white circles of construction paper, yarn to tie circles together, black construction paper hat, orange construction paper carrot nose, red and black 2″x2″ squares of tissue paper

Homemade Play Dough – Tactile learning

Cook on stovetop following this recipe flour, salt, water, vegetable oil, cream of tartar, smooth plastic holiday cookie cutters


For more information about our preschool program, any of our Winter Wonderland activities, or to inquire about our next open house, please contact Aimee Romero at

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