A Little Discovery

January 17th, 2014

photo 2Henderson International School prides itself on its ability to provide students with interactive and real life learning experiences. Our cultured teachers enjoy sharing the things they discover while traveling, and one of our pre-kindergarten teachers, Lizette Fiumara, recently traveled home for the holidays to Puerto Rico, where she came in contact with a popular island frog — the coqui.

“The coqui is a unique little frog that is native to the island of Puerto Rico. They are very small, mostly clear, and nocturnal,” said Ms. Fiumara. “I brought back a little fake coqui to show my class and the other Spanish classes.”

Ms. Fiumara created a lesson for students, using the frog as inspiration, to teach about Puerto Rico’s culture and geography, as well as several characteristics of the frog. Students even came away with an understanding of the term ‘nocturnal’ and a healthy dose of information about amphibians in general.

Using the coqui as a jumping-off point, Ms. Fiumara’s students learned how the people of Puerto Rico speak and live, with a portion of the lesson discussing the personal experiences she had while growing up in that corner of the world.

The students took what they learned from the lesson and wrote sentences about the frog in Spanish, giving them a chance to practice their ongoing second-language learning. They also drew pictures of the frog to enhance the engaging learning experience.

The students learned that there is so much of the world to discover. Whether it’s a frog that can be found in Puerto Rico, a language that is shared between many nations, or the meaning of different cultural practices, learning is endless. Ms. Fiumara not only shared an engaging lesson, but also taught the importance of discovery and healthy curiosity, which are part of the HIS learning experience.

Click here to watch a video and hear a coqui sing, and take a look at a few of the projects students completed as part of this lesson.

Thank you to Ms. Fiumara for sharing your experience and knowledge about the coqui with everyone!

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