Our AWESOME Science Fair

February 27th, 2014

Congratulations to all of our scientists and inventors who participated in this year’s HIS Science Fair. Projects from each grade were selected to move on to the regional science fair at UNLV.



Special thanks to our guest judges:

Darren Miller, Meteorologist at 8newsnow

Dr. Dale Devitt, Soil Scientist at UNLV

Dr. Jonathan Dumke, Chemist

Deb Callaway, Lead Chemist at Molycorp Rare Earth Minerals Mine

Trish Plese, Science Department Chair at Green Valley High School

Andy Agan, Science Teacher at Green Valley High School

Shiloh Bradley & Ben Bondoc, International Baccalaureate Students at Green Valley High School


The selected projects are listed in no particular order.


3rd Grade:

Water We Drink By: Jarren and Lordyn

It’s No Yolk – Drinks Stain Your Teeth By: Olivia & Jordyn

French Fries By:  Nicole

Let’s Roll By:  Spencer


4th Grade:

Sizzlean By: SonomaIMG_0271

Yucky Yogurt By:  Kira

Buds On Spuds By:  Alaina & Alexis

Salty Water By:  Charles & Jonathan



Two 4th grade inventions were also selected to move on to regionals.


Claw Glove By:  Michael

The Thermal Effect By: Lynus & Rayan


5th Grade:

Crystal Clear By: Aidan

Hammer Time By: Michael

Germ Away By: Mason

Golf Ball Drop By: Ryan



6th Grade:

Ready, Set, Hover By: Jordyn

Fish Oil By: Cole

Teeth Discoloration  By: Morgan


7th Grade:

Magnetic Measure By: Sheen


Antacid Strength By: Ali

Do You See What I See? By: Teagan

Levitation, Not Just For Magicians By:Leah


8th Grade:

Order, Chaos & Psychology By: Bobby

Rube Goldberg Project By: Akram and Markas


Great job and good luck!














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