20140429_122553_resizedHi, my name is Charles. I am 9 years old and I am in the 4th grade class at Henderson International.

Every year the 4th grade participates in a major event called the mock trial. There are currently no other 4th grade classes in our district that participate. The mock trial is now a tradition at our school.

IMG_1595For the trial we take a book, movie, or fable and we make a legal case out of it. Each of our three 4th grade classes are assigned a responsibility between the defense, prosecution, and jury.

This year we worked for over a month to prepare our case. After our preparations, we took the case to the Clark County Court House in Las Vegas.

We presented our case to Judge Susan Johnson. Our class was assigned the movie Tangled as this year’s theme for the trial. In the movie, the baby Rapunzel was kidnapped by Mother Gothel. However, our mock case was based on the assertion that Rapunzel was kidnapped by Gothel’s sister, Agatha.

IMG_1611We spent almost 4 hours in the court room presenting our arguments and took no breaks! My role was the lead defense attorney. I am pleased to report that the jury found my client, Mother Gothel, not guilty of kidnapping Rapunzel. The mock trial was a lot of fun and I learned a great deal about our legal system.

4th Grade- Mrs. Sedey- Henderson International School- 2014

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