This year’s Middle School Awards Ceremony marked the end of the 2013-2014 school year! Our students got the chance to see what they had accomplished, and many were awarded in a variety of categories.

Students were awarded for their accomplishments in all subjects:IMG_2592

Academic Excellence:

Mason, Liza, Sheen and Robert

Language Arts:

Connor, Jacob, Zachary and Christopher


William, Noah, Christopher and Hannah


Emma, Brendan, Olivia, Aspen and Hannah

Social Studies:

Connor, Jacob, Michael and Christopher

MobyMax Language Arts:

Aidan, Caroline, Sheen and Robert

MobyMax Math:

Joshua, Brett, Jordan and ChristopherIMG_2591

Most Improved in WPP:

Kyle, Sydney, Gavin and Tommi

The Jaime Riascos Award for Storytelling:

Kyle, Sydney, Aspen and Robert

The Antonio de Nebrija Award for Grammar:

William, Noah, Sheen and Christopher

Leonardo da Vinci Art Award:

Aspen, Kaymin, Sydney, Noah, Sheen, Hannah and Christopher

Meritas Film Competition Award:



Olivia, Ashton, Kennedi, Galeb, Aspen and Kristopher

Musical Theatre Awards:

Brianna, Caden, Caroline, Teagan, Gavin, Angelu and Markas

Physical Education:

Olivia, Vance, Morgan, Evan, Teagan, Kristopher, Hannah and Robert


Six Pillars of Character AwardsIMG_2602


William, Liza and Robert


Vance, Olivia and Kristopher


Kaymin, Sheen and Chris


Connor, Jordyn and Michael


Mason, Aspen and Noah


Emma, Lea and Jackson


“It’s a great joy to see all the faces here, and it’s such a great pleasure to have well-rounded students; students who are willing to exceed above and beyond standard expectation. It has been such a treat to see so many people, and to grow and learn with the students my first year as principal of the middle school,” said Mr. Bezsylko.

We also recognized Coach Hall who has been an integral member of Henderson International School for seven years. She will be “graduating” with our 8th graders this year, appropriately, as she has had the opportunity to see them grow since they were young.

“This year has meant a lot to me, especially seeing all the kids that I’ve had from kindergarten grow and mature through the years. They are second children to me. It truly is an investment of the heart. You put your whole heart into these kids and it’s going to be very hard to leave this behind after teaching here for seven years,” said Hall.

Coach Hall was given the Award for Overall Awesomeness.

Overall, the 2013-2014 school year has been a success! A huge thank you to our great staff and our students for making this year one to remember! Congratulations to our 8th graders as they take on their next journey. We’re so proud of them and cannot wait to see the accomplishments they add to their already shining resumes.


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