Recently we’ve posted a couple of blogs about an extraordinary new initiative led by our 5th grade students called “Change for Change.” Now the project is catching the eye of some local magazines.

In this month’s Zip Code 89052 magazine, Middle School Principal Chris Bezsylko talks about how a year-long study about poverty ended with a surprising twist — students went in front of a “shark tank” of judges to pitch fundraising ideas to help local charities.  Below is a snippet from the story. You can read the entire article by clicking here.

Meet Your Neighbor: Chris Bezsylko

It’s safe to say that no parent would intentionally put their child in front of a shark…or would they?  Parents and teachers alike were thrilled to let their 5th graders from Henderson International School present to a Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 1.44.45 PMgroup of judges affectionately known as the “Shark Tank” as part of a fundraising activity to decrease poverty and combat childhood diseases in the community.  Their efforts were in conjunction with a national organization called Change for Change, under the direction of 89052 resident Chris Bezsylko, who happens to be both their middle school principal and preschool through eighth grade curriculum director.  The organization’s mission is to help empower young adults to create big changes.  In this case, students created real-life business concepts designed to fight poverty and disease and presented them to the “tank” of investors for a possible total of $750, which was invested in the winning businesses as start-up capital.

link to full article:

You can see some photos from the Change for Change fair on our Facebook page here.

And we also have a video made by 5th grader Emma to collect used books for a local school. She has almost reached her goal of 1,000 books, so let us know if you have books or school supplies to donate. You can email us at


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