Back to school – by Sydney

September 8th, 2014



Seventh grade student Sydney reflects on her first few weeks of school.

I am so excited for the new school year with all the great classes, projects, field trips, and learning experiences.  I’ve gone to this school for years and it just keeps changing, with renovation to the school campus and curriculum.  There is a gre

at new variety of electives that give you many choices of interesting activities.  I can’t wait for the fun field trips and projects.  I really think this year will be full of fun new curriculum.  Although I have gone to this school for a long time, I can’t wait for the new experiences and friendships.

This school year I feel has started really great with our new classes and interactive learning.  One of the new renovations was the interactive notebooks we have been using in some of our classes that really draws your attention to your education.  Another is our use of technology with google classrooms which makes it a lot easier to do your assignments and communicate with your teachers.  The new changes, though very different, are helpful and really great for an interactive education.


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