photo[1]Towanda Foster describes her teaching philosophy in one word – Inspire! Her students agree that she’s inspirational. In fact, one first grade student was so inspired by her, he stopped every day to pick a fresh flower before class. That student’s mother said it warmed her heart to know that he loved school and his teacher so much.

Mrs. Foster says teaching was always the path that made sense for her. “During my youth, I volunteered assisting with a first grade teacher who lived in my home community.” she said.  “I also assisted with a young choir group. I have always volunteered with children. Teaching was the next logical step for me.”

Mrs. Foster earned her bachelor’s degree from Jacksonville State University and this is her 11th year as a teacher. She says the thing she most looks forward to this year is getting to know all of the HIS students and families. A little known fact about Mrs. Foster, she once recorded a CD with one of the Temptations. She enjoys watching Lifetime and Hallmark channels with her chihuahua Angel and her cat Bell. She also describe herself as an avid reader, calling To Kill a Mockingbird her favorite book.


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