We are so excited to introduce our new Imagination Playground at HIS. Imagination Playground (or “blue blocks” as we call them here on campus) is an innovative, interactive tool that encourages children to create and build objects like rocket ships, houses, robots, animals, and anything else a child can imagine. The activity is open-ended and child-driven, and encourages gross motor development, critical thinking, social development and movement. Perhaps the best thing about blue blocks is that they can be used by children of all ages. The soft foam blocks are safe for preschoolers to play with and sophisticated enough for middle schoolers to build complex structures.

Check out our students with blue blocks in action.

HIS151 HIS150 HIS149 HIS148 HIS147 HIS145 HIS144 HIS143 HIS142 HIS140 HIS139 HIS137 HIS136 HIS135



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