This week, all students in grades kindergarten through 8th grade participated in the Hour of Code for Computer Science Education Week.  They joined at least 70 million students worldwide in experiencing the concepts of programming by using coding puzzle apps on the iPads and other devices.

Nationally and locally, those who participated were primarily secondary schools.  We are proud of the fact that we had both lower school and middle school students involved in this, all the way down to kindergarten!

The fifth and sixth graders learned about coding through an interactive activity based on the popular movie Frozen. Code with Anna and Elsa  introduces students to the basics of coding as they create a winter wonderland. These students will continue to learn about coding and computer science after winter break as part of their Digital Media classes.

The seventh and eighth graders, most of whom completed 20-hours of interactive lessons on coding last year during Digital Media, participated in the Hour of Code through Khan Academy. Here, students can choose a path of interest be it javascript, HTML, or SQL… that’s digital design, webpages, and databases to you and me!

Students were highly engaged in the increasingly challenging demands of the coding tasks.  As students mastered easier levels, they moved on to more difficult levels requiring that they code longer series of commands as well as incorporate additional, more complex commands.  This required computational thinking and complex problem-solving, as well as perseverance with some peer-collaboration.

Our teachers’ interest was also sparked by this experience.  Teachers are now requesting the apps for their classrooms to continue their students’ exposure to coding.

While only some of our students will end up being coders and programmers, we hope that this experience will:

•get all of our students thinking about how the technology that infuses our lives actually works

•open their minds to new ways of thinking and new possibilities

•show how technology can be used as a stimulating and powerful learning tool

We’ll share some of these experiences during our 2nd Annual Speed-Geeking Night on Jan 27 from 6-7:30PM in Henderson Hall. Students from across the campus will be showcasing how technology positively impacts their learning here at HIS in a lively and interactive forum.


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