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This month, Henderson International School’s Kindergarten classes became “fileteadores” to create the artwork of Argentina. Fileteado is a type of artistic drawing, with stylized lines and flowered, climbing plants, typically used in Buenos AiresArgentina. It is used to adorn all kinds of beloved objects: signs, taxis, lorries and even the old Buenos Aires buses. (more…)

First grade was open for business this week!  On Wednesday, we had our annual Goods and Services Day. In the weeks prior to this event, students learned about needs vs. wants and goods vs. services. They were able to choose either goods or services to provide to their classmates. They chose the price for their item or service, and visitors were given play money to “purchase” from the young entrepreneurs.  Goods such as paper airplanes, painted rocks, decorative pencils or brownies, and services such as nail painting, shoulder massage, and voice or violin lessons were available and on display. (more…)

HIS020-2The role of the Learning Support Team at Henderson International School is to support students at all ability levels and with different learning styles by providing intervention, remediation and extension opportunities. We collaborate with teachers in their efforts to advance students with different learning needs within the classroom, and we work with parents, students, and outside professionals in order to better advocate for the needs of all students, in preschool through eighth grades.

The principal members of our Learning Support Team are Becky Wagner and Crista Sokolow. We bring years of combined classroom experience, as well as advanced degrees in Special Education. Under the direction of the Leadership Team, we help differentiate instructional strategies in order to personalize the learning for all of our students. Part of our role includes the use of formative and summative assessments to monitor student progress and achievement, assess and analyze student strengths and needs, and then design and implement appropriate instructional strategies to facilitate learning and growth.

Our Learning Support Team has been pushing-in to the classrooms since the beginning of this school year to help teachers do small-group instruction targeting specific Literacy skills.  In kindergarten, first, and second grades, this small-group Literacy instruction happens three to four days a week, for 20-30 minutes each day.  The classroom teacher works with a small group while the Learning Support teacher works with another small group.  This structure allows us to differentiate the activities that each group is doing, based on the needs of those particular students, with an experienced educator facilitating each small group.

As students’ abilities grow, they are transitioned either to a higher level of activities, a different group, or to independent Literacy activities.  In this way, we keep the groups flexible and adaptive – no student is locked into any given group for the entire year.

Another key aspect of what we do is our partnership and communication with parents. It is not uncommon for one of our members to participate in conferences with parents and teachers. Through these collaborations we can help identify ways to support the specific needs of a particular student.  This structure can also provide the students with continuity of support as they progress through the grade levels here at Henderson International School.

Our Learning Support Team is always working behind the scenes to ensure that students’ needs are being met across the grade levels. We strive to be an integral and valued part of our collaborative learning team, helping to fulfill our promise of a personalized learning environment here at Henderson International School.



As the Performing Arts teacher here at Henderson International School, I have the unique honor of teaching across all of the grade levels.  In my six years here, I have looked for opportunities to have the Lower School students and the Middle School students integrate.  I want the Kindergarten students to get to know the older students and I want our older students to learn to be caring role models and student leaders for the younger grades.  Additionally, it is beneficial for the Kindergarteners to see the older students as peers that they can trust.  I sought to accomplish these goals through a collaborative Morning Meeting/Circle of Power and Respect between the Kindergarten and seventh grade students. (more…)

Reading Week at HIS

March 6th, 2015

IMG_2824This past week HIS celebrated all things literary during our annual Reading Week celebration.  Activities and guest readers were scheduled for each day, many involving the whole school.

  • Monday was our Pancakes and PJ’s kickoff when our campus came together to enjoy breakfast in our comfiest pajamas.  It was also Dr. Seuss’ birthday, so classes read popular Dr. Seuss books, including Cat in the Hat and Green Eggs and Ham.
  • Tuesday was our school-wide poetry appreciation day.  Every hour a member of the staff read a poem over the school PA system by popular children’s poets Shel Silverstein and Jack Prelutsky.  Mr. Heffron, Mrs. Pizzuto, Mr. Ahlborn and Mrs. Raucher lent their voices to bring these snippets of rhyme to life.
  • Wednesday we hosted Nevada author Suzanne M. Williams for a full day of assemblies.  Our youngest writers enjoyed learning how the ideas for books come about and how writers begin the writing process.  Elementary students were given the opportunity to learn techniques to improve their writing using pictures prompts, and our middle school writers refined their writing skills by writing stories and sharing them with their classes.
  • On Thursday, station 98 of the Henderson Fire Department was on hand to read to preschool and elementary school students and answer questions about being a fire department member.
  • Friday was our annual “Guess that Book” competition.  This event is the highlight of Reading Week, as classes compete against each other for an ice cream party.  Readers share excerpts from popular books and classes must guess the book.  This is always a spirited competition for classroom bragging rights and a sweet treat to follow.

Thanks to Mr. Ahlborn and Mr. Heffron for reading to classes during the week and to the PTA for their support in bringing Mrs. Williams to our campus.