Math Madness in 4th Grade

April 17th, 2015

This Spring, Mr. Euken’s 4th grade class piloted a special feature of our Tenmarks program, the Math Madness Challenge.  This annual contest is in its 4th year and is hosted by TenMarks Education.  It pits TenMarks-using classrooms from around the nation against each other, as students race to accurately answer as many questions as they can within a certain window of time.

We asked Mr. Euken to share with us how his students fared:

“Six weeks ago I gave my class a challenge. Over a thousand classes around the country were participating in the Ten Marks Math Madness challenge. Students not only had to answer questions and finish assignments, but also score over an 80 percent on each one for it to count.

They got a point per question answered correctly only if they received an 80 percent or higher on the assignment that it was in. I told my class that wasn’t good enough. I told them they were better than that and challenged them to 90 percent correct.

After the first week, we were ranked 872nd in the nation and did an average of 123 questions per student. We saw how other classes were answering thousands of questions in a week. By the end of the challenge we were ranked 86th in the nation and averaged over 550 questions answered per student. That’s a rise of nearly 800 places from start to finish!

While I am incredibly proud of their success, I am innumerably more proud of their character and the effort they put forth during this time span. Almost all TenMarks work was done either at home or during their extra anchor-board time (time they earn by finishing classwork quickly and accurately). They didn’t run from the challenge – they embraced it and chose to better themselves in the process.

One of the goals of my classroom is to create independent learners – students that not only accept responsibility but also seek it out. I am very proud to say that my students have demonstrated this through their perseverance and incredible growth in rankings.”  – M. Euken

Congratulations to Mr. Euken’s 4th graders for successfully piloting this opportunity for us and for embodying the Growth Mindset!

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