The field trip to Apple

April 24th, 2015

Last week, 3rd graders traveled to the Apple store in Town Square Las Vegas to meet with the Genius Team for a much sought-after Apple field trip experience.  HIS was one of the only schools in Las Vegas to be awarded this opportunity this school year and the students loved it!

The 3rd graders eagerly began with introductions and questions for the presenter, who quickly learned that our students know quite a bit already about technology.  The Apple Genius had a much longer presentation ready, but once he saw how knowledgeable and experienced our students were with the iPads and software, he was able to cut right to the higher-level applications and hands-on learning related to the students’ projects.  The students then pulled out their written papers from school to begin creating their presentations, which focused on topics ranging from animals to deforestation.

The Apple team mentioned how incredibly well-behaved our students were, as well as how talented they are with technology and their academic projects. Towards the end of the session we were greeted by the Apple store business team who stated “Henderson International School is one of our favorite customers.”

Needless to say, the students left feeling like burgeoning Apple Geniuses themselves.


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