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Ed Tech Specialist Brandon Lindsey is so excited to announce that our new 3D printers arrived on campus yesterday. We have already printed four models. (one is printing as we write this blog!) Our students are amazed to watch it work and cannot wait for next year’s 3D modeling and printing elective, which will be open to all middle school students beginning this fall.  (more…)

Academically speaking, Reading is at the center of the palette of foundational skills that we focus on in our Lower School.  If a person can read, there are few doors that are closed to her or him.  In this technological age of information at our fingertips, if a person can read well, they can teach themselves almost anything.  This is why we invest so much time and energy on our students’ reading abilities.  Our elementary education starts with being able to fluently read and comprehend written text, and then learning from that text. (more…)

Mrs. Mercado and her class earned the honor of being named to the Renaissance National Honor Roll in Reading for the year 2014-2015. This recognition demonstrates students’ achievement in reading and effective implementation of Renaissance Learning’s data-driven technology. (more…)

Earth day every day

May 8th, 2015

Our first Earth Day educational celebration was an amazing success.  Lower School students were given individual schedules and spent the day rotating to different informational and experiment-based Earth Day activities. Our first through fourth graders exceeded our expectations, traveling to each session demonstrating responsibility, inquisitiveness, collaboration, and a passion for learning.

Each session had a mixture of age groups participating. With sixteen activities provided, many of which aligned with our Touchpoints topics that focus on biodiversity, ecosystem loss, and deforestation, students had a very busy day of global awareness and scientific learning. (more…)

Since its start in 2008, the Meritas Academic Olympiad has brought the spirit of competition to academics through the assembly of outstanding middle school students from Meritas schools around the world. Seven outstanding students from each of the ten Meritas Schools gather together to compete in Oration, Declamation, Music, Spelling, Chess, Geography, and Math. The MAO celebrates brainpower, determination, and hard work!

This year’s MAO was held this week at Rancho Solano Preparatory School in Scottsdale, Arizona. Our MAO team consisted of:

Christopher  (8th grade) – Math

Emma  (6th grade) – Oration

Lea (8th grade) – Geography

Liza  (7th grade) – Music

Olivia  (8th grade) – Declamation

Sheen  (8th grade) – Spelling

William  (6th grade) – Chess

Award Winners from HIS

Oration, 3rd place – Emma

Declamation, 3rd place – Olivia

Spelling, 2nd place – Sheen

It DOES take brainpower, determination, and hard work just to be selected for the MAO team, and we are proud of each of our representatives and their talented faculty-advisor Tara Cadena. Congratulations to the entire team!

Watch our garden grow

May 1st, 2015

Lower School students are excited about the new garden space we have explored this school year!

In the fall, first and second grade students planted pumpkin seeds. Getting our hands dirty was fun, but journaling the progress of our plants was even better!

The old pumpkin plants were then harvested by third graders as part of the “browns” for a compost project. Third graders investigated the global problem of deforestation as part of their Touchpoints program topic.  Three awesome compost bins in the garden are recycling old food scraps from our campus, and on Earth Day all our students got involved in this project.

Soon, the second grade biodiversity bottle plants will fill the garden with fresh fruits and vegetables.  Second graders will attempt to wrap their minds around the Touchpoints topic of biodiversity and how important it is for us to have a sustainable planet for future generations.

The students LOVE planting!! They all show such pride as their seeds sprout and produce.  The addition of the compost this year will give our pumpkins rich, fertile soil to kick-start their growth in the fall!

Jill Brown, Lower School Science Teacher

IMG_3622 IMG_3620