Watch our garden grow

May 1st, 2015

Lower School students are excited about the new garden space we have explored this school year!

In the fall, first and second grade students planted pumpkin seeds. Getting our hands dirty was fun, but journaling the progress of our plants was even better!

The old pumpkin plants were then harvested by third graders as part of the “browns” for a compost project. Third graders investigated the global problem of deforestation as part of their Touchpoints program topic.  Three awesome compost bins in the garden are recycling old food scraps from our campus, and on Earth Day all our students got involved in this project.

Soon, the second grade biodiversity bottle plants will fill the garden with fresh fruits and vegetables.  Second graders will attempt to wrap their minds around the Touchpoints topic of biodiversity and how important it is for us to have a sustainable planet for future generations.

The students LOVE planting!! They all show such pride as their seeds sprout and produce.  The addition of the compost this year will give our pumpkins rich, fertile soil to kick-start their growth in the fall!

Jill Brown, Lower School Science Teacher

IMG_3622 IMG_3620

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