Earth day every day

May 8th, 2015

Our first Earth Day educational celebration was an amazing success.  Lower School students were given individual schedules and spent the day rotating to different informational and experiment-based Earth Day activities. Our first through fourth graders exceeded our expectations, traveling to each session demonstrating responsibility, inquisitiveness, collaboration, and a passion for learning.

Each session had a mixture of age groups participating. With sixteen activities provided, many of which aligned with our Touchpoints topics that focus on biodiversity, ecosystem loss, and deforestation, students had a very busy day of global awareness and scientific learning.

Kindergarten students were able to experience our fantastic science lab with Mrs. Brown in “Dive into Garbage.”   During this special session, each kindergarten class was paired with a third grade class who had been working on composting. The kinder students then helped the third graders by separating trash into three different categories. Anything that could be added to the compost was! The students then traveled to our Lower School garden to search for worms to add to the compost.

The Preschool and PreK students joined the celebration with a very simple recycling project. They learned about the importance of recycling and its impact on Earth and our natural resources.  Each child was given a recyclable item. The children then placed the items in the correct container located outside the Lower School building. To end their Earth Day celebration they participated in a parade in the courtyard.

Kudos to our teachers who planned and facilitated these engaging sessions, and a special thank you to second grade teacher Riki Seybert for sparking the idea for this day, then coordinating and overseeing the entire event.  We hope to make this an annual experience for our students.


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