Mrs. Mercado and her class earned the honor of being named to the Renaissance National Honor Roll in Reading for the year 2014-2015. This recognition demonstrates students’ achievement in reading and effective implementation of Renaissance Learning’s data-driven technology.

An educator and her/his class achieve National Honor Roll status by providing no less than 25 weeks of data showing success meeting the following targets:

  • Engaged Time – Minimum of 25 minutes daily class average reading time
  • Comprehension – 90% or more students have 85% and higher average percent correct in their Accelerated Reader (AR) Reading Practice Quizzes
  • Independent Reading – 80% of points earned are from independent reading practice

Mrs. Mercado’s class achieved the following data:

  • 87 minutes of average class reading time per/day
  • 100% of students have 85% and higher average percent correct in their (AR) Reading Practice Quizzes
  • 95% of points earned are from independent reading

Mrs. Mercado highlights the hard work displayed by her students – no academic achievement is possible without their positive attitude towards reading. Her students show an eagerness to learn from wonderful stories by building their vocabulary and empathizing with interesting characters. Mrs. Mercado’s 3rd graders feel so excited when they are introduced to fictional characters that are similar to them, but they also appreciate how nonfiction books can broaden their knowledge. A teacher can direct students toward paths of learning, but students must be willing to follow the spark of their own curiosity to learn new things.

Parent participation is imperative for a successful classroom. Mrs. Mercado acknowledges the parents of her students who always encourage their children to read at home. Their support is a big part of the academic achievements her class has received. Mrs. Mercado believes that Teacher-Parent-Student consistent collaboration equals success.

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