Ed Tech Specialist Brandon Lindsey is so excited to announce that our new 3D printers arrived on campus yesterday. We have already printed four models. (one is printing as we write this blog!) Our students are amazed to watch it work and cannot wait for next year’s 3D modeling and printing elective, which will be open to all middle school students beginning this fall. 

The printers were donated by our generous PTA, and Mr. Lindsey says they will open a new world for our students to explore future technologies and get a glimpse into what is on the horizon as they plan for college and prepare for their professional lives.

“This technology is exploding right now. They are printing everything from human organs to full-sized houses. A boy recently received a bladder that was printed using organic material and cells as ‘ink.’ It’s revolutionary because the boy has a new lease on life that wouldn’t have been possible a few years ago.”

Here’s a quick video of history teacher Mr. Williams and 7th grader Joe reacting to our very first model.

image1 image2 image3

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