Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 10.04.11 AMThree HIS students, Kaitlyn , Jackson, and Emma, attended the National Clean Energy Summit 8.0. The keynote speaker this year was POTUS Barack Obama.

Our students were the only K-12 attendees at this event, which serves the country’s most visible and influential leaders and top policymakers. NCES 8.0 also received extensive coverage from both national and local media, with over 140 credentialed media representatives.

In addition to forums throughout the day, an important part of the summit was the exhibitor’s hall.

“Not only was this an amazing learning experience but it was also fun and interactive!” Kaitlyn said. “I got to talk to some experts in energy conservation and ask them questions. I learned that since 2008 our usage of wind power has increased three times and solar power by twenty times. I think that this is amazing and it really stuck with me,” she said.

One highlight of the trip was sitting yards away from the President while he gave his address.

“One thing I learned from President Obama’s speech is, not only is clean energy sustainable, it can save consumers money,” Emma said.

At the post-conference reception, our students were on many people’s minds. The consensus was that their courtesy and attentiveness was impressive.

“I think my favorite part was the whole thing, the whole experience; from learning about solar panels to seeing the President of the United States,” Jackson said. “It was absolutely amazing.”
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