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Mindfulness in Early Childhood

September 15th, 2015

MindfulnessMindfulness is a big word for young kids to understand. Put simply, mindfulness is awareness. It is noticing our thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and anything that is around us and happening right now.

Our Early Childhood Teachers attended a “Mindfulness for Children” training this month. The purpose of teaching mindfulness to our children is to give them skills to develop their awareness of their inner and outer experiences, to recognize their thoughts as “just thoughts,” to understand how emotions manifest in their bodies, to recognize when their attention has wandered, and to provide tools for impulse control. (more…)

IMG_4180HIS pre-kindergarten through fourth-grade teachers had the opportunity to participate in Cognitively Guided Instruction (CGI) trainings to help us learn more about how students conceptually construct and understand math. We just completed Day Two this past Friday and will finish up with Day Three in January.

The CGI approach provides teachers with information on how children think about and learn math, and how they move through the various steps and stages to reach math proficiency.  CGI is inquiry-based and encourages students to teach each other by sharing their solution strategies rather than adults giving students one prescribed way to solve math problems.  The “one prescribed way” system of teaching that most of us grew up with tends to lead to too many struggling math students who get lost with higher-level math and end up hating it.

There are four stages that students move through in solving math problems.  Here are the stages with an example of how a student would solve a problem such as 6 + 5: (more…)