2nd Grade Literacy Growth

November 12th, 2015

Dear 2nd grade families-

One of the ways that we monitor student growth toward the standards is through a tool called the CPAA (Children’s Progress Academic Assessment). This Formative tool is used from Preschool through 2nd grade and assesses both early literacy and math skills. We have students take it at the beginning and again at the end of each trimester so that we can measure growth over the marking period and over the entire school year. The assessment is taken on the iPad in the classroom.

Simultaneously, our Learning Support team has been pushing into the classrooms to help teachers do small-group instruction targeting specific Literacy skills. In 2nd grade, this small-group Literacy instruction happens three days a week, for 20-30 minutes each time. The classroom teacher works with a small group while the Learning Support teacher works with another small group. This structure allows us to differentiate the activities that each group is doing, based on the needs of the students, with an experienced educator facilitating each small group.

As students’ abilities grow, they are transitioned either to a higher level of activities, a different group, or to independent Literacy activities. In this way, we keep the groups flexible and adaptive – no student is locked into any given group for the entire year.

I’d like to report to you some of the encouraging CPAA data that our Learning Support team has compiled which demonstrates the value of teaching to the standards, small-group instruction, and frequent progress monitoring of student growth.

In the area of Phonics/Writing, 70% of 2nd grade students met or exceeded expectations back in late August. Now, by the end of Trimester 1, 84% of students meet or exceed expectations. The number who exceeded expectations has risen from 24% in August to 43% now.
In the area of Reading Mechanics, 60% of 2nd grade students met or exceeded expectations back in August. Now that number is at 67%. Those who exceed has risen from 30% to 51%.
In the area of Reading, 67% met or exceeded back in August. Now that number is at 84%. Those exceeding has risen from 16% to 38%.

I hope you’ll join me in congratulating our students, classroom teachers, and Learning Support team for their hard work and their dedication to increasing Literacy for all of our 2nd grade students.


John Heffron
Lower School Principal

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