Third Grade Trip to the Apple Store

Each year the third grade students read the novel Poppy by Avi. It is the second book in the Dimwood Forest series and is always a class favorite! After reading the book, this year we did something different. The students were put into collaborative groups, each creating a movie trailer as if the movie “Poppy” was coming out. First, each group had to think about the important events that took place in the story and the sequence in which they happened. The students had to work together with their groups and agree upon the scenes that they wanted to film. After several skit rehearsals in the classroom, the groups were ready to go outside to film. Using student made props, the groups acted out and filmed their scenes. Next, we watched the clips to see how they came out. The actors, actresses, and camera people were given constructive criticism by the class and went out to film again the next day. This process was repeated a few times before going to the Apple Store on October 27 to turn our movie clips into movie trailers using the app iMovie. At the Apple Store, the students were taught by the Apple geniuses how to use iMovie and turn their scenes into an edited trailer. The trailers were almost complete when we left, but many students wanted to refine their work at school. Finally, on Friday, November 6th, the third grade students, teachers, Mr. Lindsey, and Mr. Heffron assembled in the Learning Lab for a Movie Trailer Premiere. The students and teachers voted for their favorite two trailers. The top two student choices and the top teacher choices are can be seen by 3rd grade families – go to your grade-level Site, then to the Photos tab.

Lots of learning took place throughout this project. After the reading of the book, the students learned by coming up with the most important events in the story and recognizing what the differences were between the main events and the more minor details. They learned that the main events take place in a logical sequence, which will help them when they are trying to sequence events in their own creative writing. They certainly learned about character traits because these characters were very strong and dynamic. They learned how to work collaboratively in a group, realizing that this requires compromise. Students learned how to receive constructive criticism and how it is useful for improvement. Boy, did they learn about persistence! Some of those scenes needed to be shot over and over, and moving the clips into iMovie and getting just the right words to go with the scenes was hard work! Overall, it was an enjoyable, productive learning experience, aligning well with our Reading and Writing standards, plus technology integration and teamwork!

-Molly Heenan, 3rd grade teacher

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