Math Differentiation in 4th Grade!


One way that 4th grade is Differentiating our students’ Math experience is by integrating STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) into our weekly program.  Through STEM we are exposing our higher-performing mathematicians to more challenging and enriching real-world experiences, while helping to prepare them for the careers of the future.  Right now, 4th grade students are spending time in our new MakersLab, using the app 123Design to design three-dimensional shapes and then create them using our new 3D printer.  This experience aligns to our Math strands of Geometry and Measurement.  It is also cross-curricular in nature, in that students learn and practice Math concepts and skills through the use of Technology and Science.

By differentiating our math lessons to meet the needs of various groups of students, we are able to push our students to new heights. We do this through technology integration, project-based learning, a focus on STEM, and challenging units of student that enrich our students’ learning experience. By making use of our new MakersLab, students and teachers are given a variety of tools with which to explore and learn in new and exciting ways. With the introduction of our new 3D printer and special design software, students work toward mastery of the standards, while creating new and useful designs and learning the real world uses of mathematics.

Mr. Michael Euken, 4th grade teacher

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