More world travels… to Germany!

February 10th, 2016

Our Early Childhood students got a special treat this morning when HIS parent Kirsten Dimond led an exciting presentation about her home country of Germany. Kirsten was joined by her daughter Gracie and son Devin. Kirsten and her children are from a small German island called Sylt, which is in the far northern part of the country near Denmark. 

Kirsten, Devin and Gracie spoke some German (Deutsch) to our young students, listened to the funny sirens from police cars (polizei), shared some unique foods, examined the local currency called Euros, and shared family photos of last year’s World Cup of soccer (Germany was the world champs, and they were there to cheer them on!) They also showed us how Germany’s world famous cuckoo clocks and teddy bears are made.

We are so grateful to all of our HIS parents who have come to share their cultures with our Early Childhood classes this year. Our parents had given special presentations about England, India, Lebanon, Colombia, Armenia, Russia and Slovakia.  The diversity and first hand experiences of our school community make the educational experiences so rich and rewarding for our students.

Stay tuned for more cool adventures around the globe!

Kirsten teaching Early Childhood German flags Photos of Sylt German snacks German snacks German snacks

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