One heck of a dam adventure

February 11th, 2016

This past Monday morning, the 4th grade students set out on their annual adventure to the Hoover Dam. It was a wonderful field trip. We were lucky to get great weather and the students learned a lot about the history and construction of the dam. The tour started with a video explaining how the dam was built. The construction started in 1931 and took less than five years to complete. The work never stopped – it took nearly 60,000 people working in shifts around the clock. Most of the workers lived in Boulder City, a town built to house the workers. They had two days off each year: Christmas Day and the 4th of July.  

Our students were fascinated with all the facts they learned and asked great questions like, “How many people worked there?” “How many people died during the construction?” “How much did the Hoover Dam cost to build?”. The tour included a visit down to the generators, which create electricity for parts of this 3-state region, and a visit to the exhibit and the observation platform. Our 4th grade students study Nevada history for Social Studies, and this field trip helped to support their learning in this important subject area.

Mr. Gary Joseph, 4th grade teacher

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