One of our Guiding Principles is Collaborative Efforts. This principle is strongly evident this year in our Professional Learning Communities (PLCs), in which every teacher on our staff is a member of one team, or PLC, organized this year around the subject areas. Last June, each group brainstormed possible goals for the year. In August, after feedback from the Leadership Team, the PLCs zeroed in on two goals each for the year, along with an action plan to achieve those goals. PLCs meet once a month to work toward their goals.

UnknownI am pleased to say that progress so far has been, in many cases, ahead of schedule:

  • Our Writing PLC is close to completion of a Writing Scope & Sequence that will codify the Key Knowledge and Skills, plus Enduring Understandings, that we want for our students as they progress through their HIS career from Preschool through 8th
  • Our Reading PLC is making good progress on a Research Scope & Sequence that will delineate the research skills to be taught at each grade level, Preschool through 4th (with middle school to be added later), and the topics and themes around which to teach them.
  • Our Math PLC is focusing this year on increasing Differentiation in our Math classrooms, Preschool through 8th, through the use of Math Centers and small-group activities that meet different levels of need and ability.
  • Our Science PLC is hard at work on creating a Science Scope & Sequence for grades 1st through 6th (with 7th/8th to be added later), that will look much like our Math S&S that was unveiled last summer.
  • Our Spanish PLC was challenged with making student Spanish work more visible about campus, plus helping all stakeholders better understand the TPRS method of language instruction through the use of our Google Sites.
  • Our P.E. PLC is working on a PE Scope & Sequence for Preschool through 8th They’ve also been making progress on transitioning our PE instruction to include a greater focus on skill development and physical fitness, to go along with the playing of games and sports.
  • Our Arts PLC has been looking for more opportunities to integrate music, visual arts and performing arts into the core curriculum. Plus they are exploring the possibilities of starting a Saturday school that might offer both art classes and languages.
  • Our Social Studies PLC is working on enhanced vertical articulation between the Social Studies content taught in 3rd and 4th grades and that taught in middle school, with an eye on better preparing our students for the transition between divisions and the demands of grades 5 – 8.

It is quite inspiring to see these teams of teachers organize their work together, divvy up responsibilities, and make such good progress toward these valuable goals. We firmly believe that our students’ experiences are richer, with greater academic achievement, thanks to these strong collaborative efforts.

Mr. John Heffron, Lower School Principal

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