Our 4th grade students capped off their fun year of engaging field trips with a bus ride to the Techatticup Mine at Eldorado Canyon, near the state border with Arizona.  This famous gold mine is the oldest and richest in Southern Nevada. The owners have operated this property and tours for over two decades, and they take great pride in showing it off.  After hearing about the 150 year history of the location, its workers, and its most famous and infamous inhabitants, the owner took us 1/4 mile into the interior of the mountain, along the cool, gravel mine shafts.  We learned how donkeys were used deep inside the shafts to pull heavy payloads of hard rock that contained gold and silver; how steamboats brought supplies up the Colorado River for the workers; and some of the safety precautions that miners took in an attempt to make their job a little less perilous.  Several Hollywood films have been shot at this location over the years, and stepping off the bus there gives one a sense of going back in time at least a hundred years!

With our trips to the Hoover Dam, Carson City, Virginia City, and now Eldorado Canyon, our 4th grade year has been rich in authentic, historical experiences that align nicely with our Social Studies curriculum focused on Nevada History.
Mr. John Heffron, Lower School Principal

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