Preparing students for college is at the heart of HIS’ program. Our rigorous academics, global awareness, foreign language, inquiry science and fine arts curriculum lays the groundwork for success in high school and college. Beyond academics, we start in Early Childhood teaching our youngest students public speaking skills and organization. In lower school, they learn important time management and self advocacy skills. In middle school, study skills and testing strategies become a major focus for growth.

We decided to write a blog about college readiness because the Las Vegas Review Journal recently reported less than 10 percent of 11th graders in Clark County School District are ready for college. This finding is based on ACT scores, a test commonly taken by high school juniors for college entrance. As part of our college prep program, HIS students have the opportunity to take above-level or ACT college entrance exams as early as middle school. Research shows, students who have exposure to this type of testing early are able to increase their scores, and therefore score much higher, once they apply for college.

This unique opportunity for our middle schoolers to take ACT and SAT tests at HIS was made possible this past year, when our school qualified as a testing site for the Center for Bright Kids. The Center for Bright Kids conducts the Western Academic Talent Search, which provides testing and feedback for students. Our students qualify for the tests by performing well (in the top 10 percent in the nation) in our annual standardized testing. We were excited that in our first year, more than 70 percent of our students qualified for the test. Even more exciting, we had three students receive the highest honors (top ten percent of participants) in our seven state region. In fact, some of our 7th graders scored high enough to be accepted in to college right now. That’s right, these students are the brightest of the brightest!

Email us at if you’d like to know more about the Western  Academic Talent Search and key dates, or if you’d like to learn more about our school.


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